Dear Sunnyvale

I told several people close to me during this campaign that this election will be a clear indication of the desires of the city. I concede to that and to my opponent Gustav Larsson with full congratulations for his successful re-election.

I’d like to first thank my wife Michelle and my children for being patient during this process. I can confidently say that I have the best family ever and that they love me enough to support my passions. Your husband and your dad is back and so is my focus on what is important. I am intent now on placing my focus on my re-connecting with my family as my #1 priority.

To all of my supporters. We accomplished so much, and I will not hold my head low. Neither should you. Almost 15K voters felt that they would like to see a change in Sunnyvale and that can’t be ignored. We can hold our heads high knowing that grass roots campaigns matter and that the message was heard.

I know that many of you are wondering what my next chapter is. As a believer, I know confidently that there is a bigger plan that I just haven’t seen yet.

My hope is that this campaign becomes an inspiration to those who follow. My hope is that the many who let me know that they registered to vote, specifically to vote for me, take a greater interest in making a change and influencing others to do the same.

If this campaign means anything to you, please let it be the beginning of a new chapter in your lives that you can make whatever change you desire.

Thank you all for being “With Henry”!

Henry Alexander III

For Sunnyvale City Council, Seat #1