Hello Sunnyvale

It has been brought to my attention that on my endorsements page that the PACs and developers listed insinuated that they are supporting my campaign.  I sincerely apologize if I ever in my campaign hinted, suggested, or unintentionally proposed that I had any affiliation with the groups listed on my page.

This stemmed from the photo below of our family guinea pig “Doodles” (R.I.P.) and the names of the organizations who were listed:


Again my apologies to the following organizations for this.  Please know that my intent was never to make the presumption of endorsement:

Sunnyvale PSOA

Lincoln Club


Sierra Club

These organizations have requested that I remove their names from my website and I did so within hours of their requests.

I encourage you all to read the entire context of my endorsements page to understand the purpose of posting these groups. My message has been consistent since the page was created. Simply put, none of these groups (outside of Sunnyvale PSOA) made an effort to reach out to this campaign to be considered for endorsement.  For those who are unaware, the endorsement process entails a vetting in which candidates are asked questions and/or interviewed to determine whether the group should endorse the candidate.  In the case of the Sunnyvale PSOA, I requested to meet in person to discuss the questionnaire and received no further response until I was asked to remove them from my site.

I ask that on whatever side that you fall, no endorsement means anything until all candidates are considered.  That is why I have not added any organization’s endorsements to my page.  This campaign has been completely about residents and residents alone.  To suggest otherwise would be lack of diligence as the message has been purposely consistent since Day 1.

Our country is divided in ways that we haven’t seen since the Civil War.  I’d like to challenge each of the Sunnyvale City Council candidates to focus the remainder of this campaign on real issues and the betterment of Sunnyvale.  No more name calling, false assumptions, and distortions of truth for gain.

Sunnyvale deserves it.



This campaign started with a spark and now the fire is blazing! The residents of Sunnyvale have clearly spoken: “I’m With Henry”! Sunnyvale has grown weary with the politics of council.

The politics of putting developers’ interest before the residents have made us all feel like we have no voice. Concerns about Public Safety, Increased Traffic, and alleged Financially Influenced Pro-Development Voting have created a veil of mistrust of our elected officials. My opponent has proven that you can trust him to make similar decisions over the next four years that will likely affect the quality of life for our families in a very negative way.

This campaign is different. Being 100% individually financed I am proud to have received the highest financial percentage of every candidate by Sunnyvale Residents!

My plans to pull back, not halt, development and plan for a better infrastructure are the types of long-term plans that will help to create a better Sunnyvale. Sunnyvale, when we are ready to work together we are at our best.

Vote, for a change, this November 6th. Vote for Henry Alexander III for Sunnyvale City Council.

Walk + Roll to the Finish Line

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This past weekend I was privileged to attend the Magical Bridge Super Hero Walk + Roll to the Finish Line event.  This event has special meaning to me as I have proudly supported and voted to have this inclusive play space a reality in Sunnyvale.

Seeing it for myself in Palo Alto, talking with the passionate volunteers, and seeing the fun that kids were having (disabled & non-disabled) was truly a touching and humbling experience.

One volunteer spoke to me and said she looks forward to the day that the word inclusive is no longer a part of the playground and that is just ‘is’.

I couldn’t agree more.

Please learn more about Magical Bridge and their efforts to bring playgrounds that allow disabled children the same opportunity to play alongside their non-disabled friends and family.  Let’s set the example for the South Bay and get Magical Bridge “Across the Finish Line!”